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150W/200W Philips 3030 Chips Meanwell HBG Driver LED Tunnel Light for Denmark Football Pitch Lighting
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New Modular Design Philips LED Tunnel Light produced by TangSong's factory have already shipped to Denmark and after seven weeks, We got the feedback from our customer, They gave us the highly comments on our product and services below:
Jeff Stone as an project manager told us all the flood fixtures were installed by the workers, and they're running in good condition in Football Pitch located in city of Copenhagen. 6000K LED Flood light emitting cool bright light cover the whole area of Football Pitch, Around 800 average lux.TangSong is an honest business partner who can deliver this LED Flood light with reliable quality and professional services.
Yes, indeed. We're always remembering " Customer as our work Central, Quality as our first-focused". From the establishment, We activity built our Quality Control System ISO9001-2003 to guide our regular work and quality consciousness. We think it may be a good text of quality concept!
TangSong also focus on researching and developing new products to meet the demand of market based on our powerful & experienced R&D Groups. more and more new items will come into the oversea market in 2017.
TangSong 150W,200W Philips LED Tunnel Light Fixtures as an new modular designed product have five adavnatges as below:
1), Type of Light Source: We adopt Philips 3030 as light source with high efficient and low decay, compared to other light source. Philips 3030 with LM80 report and long lifetime make sure the whole fixture in good working performance;
2), The quality of LED Driver as we consider is another factor that affects the wokring and lifetime of the Flood fixtures. So we used Meanwell HBG Series driver with PF>0.95, low consumption and long lifetime to ensure the whole light fixture in good working condition;
3), Die-casting alumium body with anodic oxidation treatment, anti-corrosion, Each connector must be matched the waterproof silicon pad, Please see above assemble diagram. ip65 protection rating for light fixtures.
4),More than 130lm/W Lamp Luminous, 70% energy saving compared to Halogen bulbs, High Pressure Sodium lamps, 60% electricity bill saving; Free maintenance, and Long lifespan;
5), High-Tech Optical design, all the reflectors are used in high-tech optical design, 60/90/120/150 Degree beam angle available for your requirements.
6),TangSong LED Flood light fixtures can support various of platform where requirs high power Light Fixtures in Stadium, Sport fileds, Tennis court, Football Pitch, Basketball fileds and more. Please don't hesitate to contact us for getting the samples if you have any project where needs to install this fixture.