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Customer's Testimonials
Karl Phillipson
Chester Duncalf-Massey

Email From Karl Phillipson

From: Karl Phillipson [mailto:karl@******.com]

Sent: 06 May 2016 16:47

To: 'Randy Tang'

Subject: RE: Alsolutely get 4-foot tube replacement.


They're replacing all the fluorescent bulbs at work with good condition, i installed them in my office and WOW!

They were so great i bought them from TangSong, They're a snap to install: turn off the light switch to the fixtures;

Uncover and remove the ballast and cut off the wires as long as possible. 

Connect all the wires from the"tombstones" at the other end of the fixture to the other leg of AC;

Replace the cover over the wires. Install the bulbs make sure the LED side is downward( their output is directional and should point directly away from the base of the "tombstones";

Turn on the switch and enjoy the light!

Email From Chester Duncalf-Massey

From: Chester Duncalf-Massey [mailto:chester@**********] 

Sent: 29 November 2016 14:34

To: 'Chris Wong'

Subject: RE: Just What i wanted.


Along with the 4 foot T8 fixture, It was just what i wanted. Easy to install, Cool white light, replaced 2-4 foot fluorescent bulbs with just 1 of these, Great!

Adrian Chandler

Email From Adrian Chandler

From: Adrian Chandler [mailto:adrian@********.com] 

Sent: 04 January 2017 16:52

To: 'Randy Tang'

Subject: RE: Easy conversion to LED

Why buy the new highbay light fixture to get LED light? Retro fitting your exsiting Halogen bulbs or HPS to LED can't be easier than this. 200W New High Bay can replace 450W Halogen bulbs or HPS easily. 

I just bought 5 samples of highbay light for replacing HPS lamps in our warehouse, Very easy installation, bright light. 

Don't even bother looking else where this is the best price your going to find and the customer service is very good, LED time has come and the prices are coming down to earth here, bye bye Halogen bulbs, Not going to miss you!

Richard Allen

Email From Richard Allen

From: Richard Allen [mailto:richard@************.com] 

Sent: 18 January 2017 18:11

To: 'Randy Tang'

Subject: RE: Just the Kelvin we Needed.


There are many LED 4 foot tubes on the internet, Problem is the majority of them are 4100K and Single Ended Power Connection.

TangSong was one of just a very few who offers a 6000K Dual Ended Power 4 foot Tube.

We needed 6000K for the Daylight white color for our manufacturing Facility, Also the Dual Ended Connection is a easy modification without messing with the tombstones. Very Good!