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TangSong Featured Project - LED Street lighting in Tarancon, Spain
Posted on May 8.2017 by Sales Manager Randy Tang

The ture mark of a successful, innovation technology is in its real world application. Until then, it is just a nifty parlour trick. Our company has proven time and time again that our products are not only useful, but they have the potential to improve the infrastructure of entire cities.Even though automobiles are often charged with being the largest cause of climate change, Our electricity bill is just as destructive toward to environment.

As our populations grow, so does our energy consumption.Giving the taxpayer a clean and efficient cource of light is as important as the sanitation systems beneath our feet. Light bathed streets are hallmark of any great civilization, and that priviledge should not come at a high cost. After all, we live in a world of dwindling resources. All evidence points towards an LED lit world in the future. From all conceivable viewpoints, this lighting emitting diode technology is far superior when compared to the alternatives.

Here are just 3 examples of our product's application. as we explore the untaped potential of wide-scale LED illuminacion.

Project EMC Tarancon, Spain.

Replacing over 800pcs street lights of a village in the city.

Comparison between the new ( left ) and old ( right ) street lights - The street lights on the left side of the photo are replaced by the TangSong LED Street light.
The street view after replacing the TangSong LED Street light.

As we are constantly seeking to expand into oversea markets, we have implemented one of our projects in Tarancon Spain. The contract was awarded in March. 2016, and we are tasked with renovating 800pcs street lamps. In just one year. the project was completed, and it can be proudly declared that it was an success. A smaller scale objective, this was the true testing ground for LED lighting implementation. Given our timely and quality service. another renovation contract was awarded in June,2016 for the illumination infrastructure in the Spainish city of Jaen. Citizens can now enjoy fully-lit streets at only a fraction of the cost. lifting the burden of the taxpayers. The money that was saved can now be used to improve other areas of society or fund social development projects.We have all but eliminated the constant need for replacing street lights.

The maintenance cost of this project was much less than that maintenance cost from conventional HID street lamps.The total cost of contract is 120.800.00 Euros. a sum that will more than pay for itself in the long run. it is hard to estimate how many resources were saved.

because it varies on a yearly basis.However, one thing is sure: The project required 0 investments from the city.and plenty of funds were spared in the Maintenance and energy fileds.

The bidding for this contract did not lack competitors. Over 8 LED manufacturer from China have thrown their hats into the race.but our company TangSong Optoelectronic Co.,Ltd had the best track record and the highest mark. The contract specified that TangSong was obligated to provide maintenance service for the street lamps of Tarancon, and replace all the lamps for the council.

The Challenge:

The goal was to improve the level and quality of public lighting for better security and conform.By introducing LED technology, We wanted to offer the customer better quality lighting affect, as well as energy savings and a reduction in maintenance costs. The chanlenge was to satisfy the energy and lighting requirements.

The Project:

TangSong managed the lighting retrofit of dated street lighting fixtures which were highly energy-intensive, by replacing them, with a new LED solution which met the European style and delivered a reduction in operation costs.

About TangSong.

TangSong is a ISO9001 Certified outdoor LED street lighting manufacturer since establishment from 2012. Our outdoor LED Street lights are designed to integrated volume, lighter weight, high lumens, free maintenance cost and long lasting lifespan.Our R&D group has absolute abilities in new product researching, developing and lighting solutions providing. 

Our new integrated Street lighting: