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Small-batch production of LED Linear Light order
Published by Administrator
Many factories have been in busy season of production, how to swiftly cut the buck order into small-batch orders is very important to catch up the delivery date.  
We have successful experience in doing small-batch of production and arrange the production rationally to avoid the delay of shipping date. Please refer to our usual practice below:

Step 1:

Be sure all the things should be arranged before production, including workers, equipment, raw materials and so on.

1), Clear the workshop and check all the instructments in good condition before production;

2), New workers should dedect from determined posts according to actual number of people;

3), Put skilled workers in the important posiotions;

4), Please do the training for all emploeers before production.

Step 2:

Inspect all the raw materials to ensure that correct materials and high quality before production;

1), IQC is in charge of inspecting ram materials;

2), Purchase Department asistant the IQC to check materials;

3), Material workers distibute the materials to each posotion of workshop.

Step 3:

Organism of production should be in progress orderly.

1), Line Supervisor regularly inspect the statu of prodution;

2), Production Linear Operators work in hard and order;

3), Good communication and coordination between worker and Supervisor.

Step 4:

Aging and Package:

All the finished products must pass aging before package.