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OEM & ODM Service:

To meet increasing customer demand for flexible designs and tailor-made manufacturing service, We offer OEM and ODM service that reduce customer engineering efforts and shortens time-to-market response to put our customers ahead of the competitive,

We have the dedicated design team and manufacturing capability to speed up OEM and ODM project, Normmally, we are able to finalize the prototype in 2 weeks after we get all the requirement from our customers.Make an initial order for our LED Linear Light, LED Tri-proof Light, LED Panel Light, LED Flood Light over US$100,000 per order.

  • CAD design documentation in our on-site develpoment department
  • Rapid prototyping with own 3D printer
  • CAD blue print
  • construction of tools and prototype / initial batch
  • series production
Become to our Distributor:
We have already successfully cooperated with our distributors multiple countries by offering our high quality LED Products, full customization, professional support and even be creating new products for local market.

An customer who want to become our distributor, according to the arrangement between customer and us, New distributor must make an initial order of our sold items for his own storage, Initail order is expected to be US$100,000.00 ~ US$200,000.00 for Indoor LED Indoor lighting fixtures

( LED Linear Light, LED Tri-proof Light, LED Panel Light, LED Corn Light,LED High Bay Light ), US$80,000.00 ~ US$10,000.00 for Outdoor LED lights ( LED Flood Light, LED Tunnel Light, LED Street Light ); Distributor can distribute all or our main categories,

Mini order requriements: Order for a Distributor is US$20,000.00 per order and all items must be ordered in quantities of standard package with Good English Command, We need to communicate efficiently with our distributors,so we require good written English command.

Become a distributor and enjoy these many benefits:

1). Generous wholesale discounts regardless of product quantities being ordered;

Distributor gets additional 10% discounts, For example, Distributor placed US$10,000.00 per order, which is US$10,000.00 after normal discount minimum 5% ~ 10% discountr, that means distributor only pay for US$ 90,000.00 ~ US$ 95,000.00.

2). No inventory or up front investment required to being selling;

3), Immediate fulfillment - wholesale purchase order entry immediately delivers retail product to customer; 

4), Extremely refund rates;

5), Introduce in advance:

As you're our distributor, any customer asking for TangSong LED Lighting Fixtures that will be introduced to our distributor in advance, and lots of customers even with larger orders still prefer to order from distributor from their countries.

6), Free special advise.

We help our disctributor to buy anything else in China, any components.Our engineers will give you free advices for your customers, tailor-made products, etc. Most important, Our newest products are free sample to show our distributor.