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5 years warranty TUV Approved driver Aluminum Suspended Linkable Led Linear lighting 

5 years warranty TUV Approved driver Aluminum Suspended Linkable Led Linear lighting 

TangSong LED Linear Trunking System is an energy-efficient, low maintenance alternative to traditional linear fluorescent in a variety of industrial, commercial and light assembly applications.

It is the optimal solution for conventional lighting systems and also excellent for new installations due to its low installation cost - everything in one box and installation is free-tool.

It saves both time and costs when updating lighting systems, Also, TangSong LED Linear Trunking System is really good in terms of low maintenance that's typical for LED Lighting and this also keeps costs low.

Advantages of LED Linear Trunking System.

1, Cost-efficient high-line solution for industrial, commercial and other applications.
2, Good quality of light with high lumen output to meet different requirements.
3, Easy to order and install, requiring less time, reducing packaging waste, complexity.
4, Flexible solution


1), Pendant lamp, direct/ indirect illumination.

2), Installation type: Suspended, Recessed Ceiling, Wall mounted for options

3), Super bright 2835SMD provide higher light efficacy and color consistency.

4), Length and Power can be customized.

5), Formation Single continues Line, Double Line, cross, triangle, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon, other shape formed with lines

6), Graceful profile with advanced thermal management technology to ensure consistency of LED life span

7), Widely used as office lighting and commercial lighting.


1). Length and power can be customized.

2). Housing Color: white/black.

3). Color Temperature: CW(5000-5500K) / NW(4000-4500K) / WW(2800-3200K), other available.

4). Power factor>0.90.

5). Beam angle: Sharp-30°/ Narrow-60° / Wide-90° / Flat-120° / Asymmetric ( Left / Right ) Pending / Double asymmetric 20°

6). Life span more than 50,000Hrs.

7). Power supply:Isolated power supply,Sillicon controlled  rectifier,0-10V dimmer,DA LI dimmer;

8). IP code: IP40.

9). Standard warranty: 3 years.

10). Follow RoHS and CE Certified.


4. Attention

1). Indoor use only.

2). Read the instruction carefully before using.

3). Please do not put the led light as children toy.

4). Be sure that the label of packing match with actual product.

5). Make sure the power is off before use, choose right power supply to match the led down lamp.

6). Please do not touch the led lamp surface when it is lighting. do not see the light sources by eyes directly.

Product Show:


Commercial Lighting: Office, Hotel, Shopping mall, School, Hospital, Conference, Reading Room, Living Room and Residential area

Public Lighting: Hobby lighting, Gym, Library, School, Art Gallery, etc


Hong Kong TangSong Optoelectronic Co.,Ltd was found in 2012, is a professional ISO9001 Certified manufacturer delivering high quality, cost effective commercial lighting solutions. 

Our dedications:

1), Office, Factories, Warehouses,Retail Units and School

2), Whether the project is a brand new building, a refurbishment of a existing building or upgrade

3), Customized luminaries or the refurbishment of existing fittings

Our developing strength continues to be illustrated by our products, Such as Commercial LED Linear Lighting, LED Tri-proof Light, UFO LED High Bay Light, LED Tunnel Light, LED Street Light etc. TangSong provides you the perfect energy efficient lighting solutions for your demand.

Our lighting philosophy is that since humankind depends on light to survive, it is thus our up-most mission to develop the best and most appropriate lighting for people around the world.