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Preferrable Lighting Solution in Offices - LED Suspended Linear Lights
Posted on January 28, 2017 by Randy Tang

LED Linear Lighting is the perfect solution to replace traditional fluorescent tube system in office.

As the new generation of retrofit lighting solution, LED Linear Lighting become more and more popular applications in commercial, public and home lighting areas.

Please refer to the advantages of LED Linear lighting as below.

1.LED Linear lighting can deliver the better lighting effect without dark dot and shadow in the lighting area compared to conventional fluorescent tube system.

2. Flexible installation height, LED Linear light can be installed in flexible height, from 3m-10m at the environment of commercial area. this is not different from that inflexible installation height with fluorescent tube system.

3. Excellent Color Rendering Index: normally, CRI 75Ra for traditional fluorescent tube, but CRI 80Ra or 90Ra available for New LED Linear lighting. it shows the more excellent CRI at the same commercial environment like Office, Libraries, Conference Room, etc.

4.High luminious flux: more than 100lm/W for New LED Linear Light,70-80lm/W for traditional fluorescent tube light. So more energy efficiency.

5.Installation method: Suspended, Surface mounted and Recessed are available for LED Linear light, the traditinal fluorescent tube only can be fixed on the ceiling or wall with bracket. it is very difficult to hanging at flexible height.

6. Long lifespan and low maintenance cost: LED Linear light has more than 50,000hrs long lasting lifetime, while the traditional fluorescent tube bulbs have shorter lifespan.

TangSong advanced LED Linear Light Series:

Our range of LED Linear lighting is selected for its quality, durability and style. Linear lighting is the ideal replacement where fluorescent tubes are traditionally used. With excellent energy efficiency, improved quality of light and a long lifespan – our LED Linears ensure many years of maintenance-free use.

TangSong Linear lighting range provides options for light intensity while ensuring a regular light emission and are selected for simplicity when installing either on ceilings or walls. Due to the interconnectivity between the individual units it is possible to install linear lighting in a manner that gives a seamless appearance and allows for long sections of lighting.

TangSong Commercial Linear lighting is an extremely flexible method of lighting and is ideal for; general lighting in public and commercial buildings, retail, hospitality and industrial environments.                                               

Choice of sizes and accessory kits ensures that our LED Linear products can be configured for recessed mounting or suspension.

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