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Quality Control in Factory Production of Linear LED Profile Light
Posted by Administrator on June 6 2017

Many customers always are intensely curious how to produce Linear LED profile light in our workshop before they place orders. they are also conercning about the quality control through the production process.

If you were a customer, You would have similar worries before shopping,This is an really understand! as an professional and reliable Linear LED profile light manufacturer. We would like to share more information about Linear LED profile light production and aging details with every customer and much appreciate for sincere supports for our constant efforts since our establishment in 2012.

Step 1,
Inspection of Raw Materials
Our IQC take in charge of inspecting of raw materils and make sure all the materials in good quality without any default. if any problem in quality and specifications of raw materials.we will return the raw materials to our suppliers. completely to avoid the bad quality of profile into our factory.
Step 2.  Assemble
We always pay more attention in quality control during all the process of production, and IPQC take in charge of inspecting of quality control. While we are producing more, we also pay attention to producing better quality products to meet demands from customers by improving our techniques.
Step 3. Aging and Packing

During the process of aging and packing, we will make perfect in quality control with our efforts. Individual lamp testing by one cable with standard AC100-240V, The aging person follows all the process of aging and if there is any problem that caused the short-circult, Aging person remove this light off the good list. and our engineer will repair the damaged one.

The package we used the foam inside carton to avoid the damaged the lamps when transportations.