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Linear LED Buyer's Guide
Published by Administrator
Sep 8, 2016

Today's Quality LED Linear lights are easy install and fit in replacing of traditional fluorescent bulbs and grill tube panel lamps in office, hotel, restaurant, warehouse applications. It is an actual ideal upgrade solution where saving energ and easy installation are key considerations.

TangSong's LED Linear lights with Seamless continuous lighting system and High light color rendering index are more and more popular acceptance by Wholesaler, Distributor and Contractors among the European market. As seen the advantages below.

1), Top quality LED light source, high luminous flux, high CRI, long lifetime.

Our LED Linear lights are used in Samsung or Epistar Chips as light source, LM79,LM80 Qualified, 120-130lm/W light efficacy, 80Ra, 50,000 hours lifespan.

2), Seamless Continuous Lighting System

LED Linear lights are designed with Seamless linkable, X, L and T Module Node Connector with electrical feed-in and feed-out. Multipe fixtures linkable lighting.

3), High-Tech optical system

Sharp-30°, Narrow-60°, Wide-90°, Flat-120°, Asymmetric(Left/Right) Pending, Double Asymmetric 20°

4), Wide range of color temperature(CCT):

2800-3200K Warm white, 4000-4500K Nature white, 6000-7000K Cold white

5), Type of Installation:

Suspended ( Chain suspended, Cord suspended and Rod suspended ), Wall&Ceiling mounted, Surface mounted.


1. Manufacturer data sheets may be vague, so make sure your supplier confirms all specifications including Technical parameters, Installation Manual, Certificate, Warranty and so on.

2. Verify wattage savings by asking how the LED Linear lights being considered will operate with the existing ballast

3. As a directional light source, LED Linear light with diffused lenses and wider aperture openings with typically be more acceptable.

4. No all LED Linear lamps are compatible with Emergency battery backup system and Dimming system.

5. Products should be safety certified ( Such as CE, UL, ETL or CSA Listed ), 

6, Warranty period, this also should be more attention. Ask for manufacturer and confirm the warranty period, it would be better to get the Warranty Manual from manufacturer.

Factors to consider while upgrading to Linear LEDs:

Selecting the best Linear LED light option depends on a number of factors, including the type of traditional lighting system to be upgraded, its current condition, the desired light level and the initial and ongoing economic goals for the upgrade.