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LED Office Linear Light VS Fluorescent fixtures
Post on March 28,2017 by Randy Tang 

When deciding whether to choose LED Linear Lighting vs Fluorescent Lighting for your office lighting upgrade, consider the following benefits of LED Linear lighting:

1> Initial Investment

2> Life span and Warranty

3> Fluorescent Ballast and Lamp Replacement Costs

4> Features: Color Rendering & Dimming

Initial Investment

Depending on the fixture type, whether its troffers or architectural linear suspended fixtures, LED fixtures are generally more expensive than fluorescent fixtures. However, this is not always the case and LED fixture prices are rapidly becoming more competitive with fluorescent fixtures.Choose fluorescent fixture and an LED fixture and compare your intial investment.

Life span and Warranty

​Once you've compared fixture costs,you'll want to compare the life span and fixture warranty claims ( usually outlined on the product manufacturer's specification sheets ), One of the main benefits of choosing LED Linear lighting, apart from energy reduction,is their 10-25 years expected life spans. LED manufacturers also provide a 5-10 years fixture warranty that covers replacements for fixtures that die within the warranty period.Fluorescent fixtures are rarely covered under any warranties. Alteratively, LED lighting fixtures provide extensive life span.

Fluorescent Ballast and Lamp Replacement Costs

​Fluorescent fixtures have tow components: a lamp and ballast, which runs the lamp. Fluorescent lamps cost $5-$15-depending on the lamp type and need to be replaced every 6 months - 3 years depending on their use. Fluorescent ballasts cost between &20-$30 and need to be replaced every 3-6 years depending on use.Also consider the time and labor involved with replacing fluorescent lamps and ballasts.LED fixtures require no lamp or ballast replacements.

Features: Color Rendering & Dimming

The CRI(Color Rendering Index) of LED lights is much higher than fluorescent lights,The higher the CRI of a light source, the more accurate representation of the colors displayed under the light.This is why art galleries pefer LED to other light sources. Also LED fixtures dim much smoother than fluorescent fixtures and are generally a standard feature.dimming is usually an upgradable feature with fluorescent fixtures.