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Architectural linear suspended fixtures for commercial application
Post on Jan 20,2017 by Randy Tang 

LED technology has transformed the lighting industry. providing significant energy savings,better performance and longer product life span.Adoption rates are skyrocketing as prices continue to fall, estimated to have hit near the lowest rate with minimal price drop anticipated over the next 2 years. LEDs are appearing not just in new construction projects, but as also replacements for exsiting lamps.

"LED Linear Lights are just as beneficial for exsiting applications as they are for new construction like Office, Shoppig mall, Hotel, Large Library, Public commericla areas" said Chris Wong, an expert in commercial and architectural lighting for TangSong's sales and design division. " the energy savings are clear at this point, but controls are at a stage now which make LEDs the smartest choice for almost application".

                                               What a benefits of an architectural linear suspended fixture?

Controls integration is helping drive the LED lighting revolution!

"Unlike conventional light sources,LED technology almost begs to be controlled" said Steven Chen,an expert in commercial and architectural interior lighting for TangSong's LED lighting division." You can extend the already-long life of LEDs by dimming them and turning them off".

LEDs also maintain their color quality throughout the life of the lamp."Color consistency is one of the many advantages of LED lighting," said Jose Chou, a commercial lighting solutions and lighting controls specialist for TangSong. " The color will not shift" on the other hand, fluorescent and HIDs experience color shifting when lamps are replaced.

Energy saving, too, are an inherent part of LED lighting. A source-to-source retrofit can easily cut energy usage by well over 50 percent before controls or other energy-saving strategies are incorporated. Even fluorescents - long lauded as an energy-efficient solution - have struggled to compete with LEDs of late." Customers are replacing fluorescent lights in the 220-watt range with LEDs closer to 100 watt," said Jose Chou,"What's more, they're getting more uniform light, better distribution and optical control."

 What are common application?

Commercial environments such as Conference Room, Large Library, Shopping mall - where lighting needs are great and technology is often old - are typical sites, But interiors are leading the way due to their traditionally heavy reliance on fluorescent and incandsecent lamps.

"Incandescent bulbs use a lot of energy, have a relatively short lamp life and are easily to replaced regularly." said Chris Wong,"Remember when the home incandescent bulbs burned out" If replaced by LEDs, we wouldn't have been waited for a moment in replacing by LED lights."

Office lights require an excellent CRI, the beneficial for eyes, No flickering, No UV, health and enc-friendly are very importance. So LED linear lighting fixtures as pefer energy saving and long life solutions are more and more popular in office areas.

Things to consider:

As great as this all sounds, there are still important things to consider when you replace exsiting fluorescent lamps to LED Linear light upgrade.

What is your current lighting solution?

Are you satisfy with your current light levels? Do you want to increase or decrease the amount of light in the space? Don't assum you'll have to replace every fixture, especially in commercial environment with a dropped ceiling. By eliminating fixtures, you'll enjoy even more energy savings.

Are there any rebate in your area? Many utilities offers LED rebates, Rebates may also be available for features such as daylight and motion sensors.Be prepared to pay more for the fixture up front, but you may be able to get the sensors free of charge after the rebate.there may also be incentives from utilities.

Are there tax breaks available in your area for green technologies? LED Linear lights often quality for such benefits.

LED technology isn't just the future - It's the now!


"The rate of adoption has been much faster than any of us expected when demand first picked up." Steven said. But the LEDs of today and tomorrow are much more efficient than the products that took the market by storm a mere five years ago. Fixtures are more advanced, light is better and more controlled, and chips have expanded applications to provide the most useful, cost-effective light. Moreover, advanced LEDs are jacks of all trades.

" Today, the lighting industry looks at a lighting fixture more like a Smartphone than a device that delivers lumens," Chris said,"For example, advanced commercial linear fixtures wit Smart functions are more and more applicable for office, shopping mall,hotel, restaurant, library, Living room,Reading room and other commercial & residential areas."