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One continuous-row LED High Bay Linear lighting system in Gebrüder Weiss, Pöchlarn, Austria
Posted on April 2, 2017 by Senior Engineer Joseph Zhang

Gebrüder Weiss, one of Europe's most important transport and logistics services providers based in Lauterach, Vorarlberg, sucessfully cooperated with TangSong Company. the conventional fluorescent tubes installed in a loading and unloading hall with a floor space of some 1,250 square metres have been replaced by modular design LED Linear High Bay Continuous Lighting System solution provided by TangSong.

Through unremitting efforts from TangSong R&D Group, Our company had finalized the deal with side of Gebrüder Weiss. we would like to share our experiences in this poject upgrade below.

1),Due to their high energy efficiency, LEDs have played a major role in building new and refurbishing existing buildings of the logistics hubs of Gebrüder Weiss in compliance with environmental considerations.For the Pöchlarn refurbishment project, it was however not only for environmental but also for functional and economic reasons that the decision-makers opted for TangSong LED.

2), As the head of real-estate and facility management at Gebrüder Weiss said " We were looking for a solution suitable for an industrial application which we could use as a basic system and flexibly adjust to a variety of standard specifications for illuminating different areas of the hall, the most important requirements. For example, it should be no problem to install presence detectors.

3), We also considered how to reduce the negatively factors such as the harmful from dust,moisture an temperature level before design of one continuous-row LED Linear High Bay lighting system to replace previous fluorescent tubes. low the maintenance costs and IP proetction should be considered additionally.

4), Our advantages of modular design continuous-row LED Linear High Bay lighting system below in drawing.