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Preferrable commercial office lighting - Suspended Linear Pendant
Posted on Feb 15,2017 by Randy Tang

When considering lighting options for office buildings, do keep in mind that the productivity and happiness of hundreds of workers depending on your choices. Bright, glaring, or unappealing light could result in lower levels of satisfaction among workers and therefore lower efficiency( in terms of work completion ). Studies have even shown that employee health and stress levels can be negatively impacted by improper or unfit lighting.

Because of this, TangSong offers a range of commercial lighting products ideal for workspaces. We recommend approaching this purchase from a R.O.I perspective ( or return on investment basis ) if you are having second thoughts about overhauling the lighting in your office building. Because workers will be under more ideal working condition, in the long run you will save money since more tasks are being completed in less time.

Another office lighting dilemma is the lack of appropriate illumination at desks specifically that is normally uncontrollable. As a result.every employee receiving the same amount of light ( or LUX ) regardless of their eye sight or individual need. We recommend using a figure of 40% - that is, desk lighting should be 40% greater than the lighting in the hallways.

This can be achieved by using suspended LED Linear pendant fixtures or even track lighting or spotlights above each indicidual desk.