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​Commercial Linear Pendant lighting in UK office
Posted on March 3,2017 by Randy Tang

UK Company has replaced its office lighting with our latest design suspended linear pendant luminaire LED system that not only provides glare-free lighting aross the whole working area, but also has enabled the previous 100pcs 60w fluoresecent grille tube panel units to be replaced with energy saving 40w LEDs.

In addition, the new system will reduce maintenance costs with an LED life of more than 50,000 hours as against the previous fluorescent-based system with involved annual replacement.

Said Manageing Director Geoff Bryant:"TangSong is a ISO9001 Certified trusted manufacturer from China and is already a supplier to UK for its architectural commercial lighting over 6 years,I recognized its name from HK Lighting Fair dated on April,2015.This concided with our plans to upgrade our air conditioning and lighting in office and led to quotations and order replacement very soon after the show."

The Linear Pendant fixtures are hanging fixed to the 3m high ceiling of the office, it delivering high brightness with confortable lighting effect, daylighting offers many aesthetic and health benefits, including increasing occupant productivity and comfort while providing the stimulation needed to regulate human circadian rhythms - or internal body clock. when people work in this woking environment, it refects a feel-confortable, relax and happiness,People love this lighting system.

While ceiling lights are fitted into the ceiling or on the ceiling, pendant luminaire and hanging lamps are used to illuminate a particular area, for example, to illuminate the dining table well. Its usage is, however, more varied and covers not only the use in the home, but also it is used in companies, for example, offices, workshops and production halls. Hanging lights and pendant luminaire are mostly fixed to threaded rods or steel cables and hung from the ceiling. Their glare-free lighting enables risk-free work by an optimal and comfortable luminosity. We provides an excellent offer in terms of hanging lights and pendant luminaire, which will illuminate your rooms stylishly and perfectly.