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About Us

Enjoy brighter life which TangSong Brights to you, We are not only producing environmental friendly Led lights, but also building up our spectacular culture of lighting.

TangSong (Hong Kong) Optoelectronic Co.,Ltd. is a provider of the most advanced LED lighting products, high quality accessories, lighting project consult and other services. As a ISO9001 Certified high-tech lighting company, we offer Indoor Smart LED Linear light, UFO high bay light, LED Panel light, Glass or Plastic led tube, Outdoor LED Flood light, LED Street light etc. Located in the rapidly developing city of Shenzhen, the company has over 6 years of rich production and international sales experience, with the professional and strong team of understanding engineers.


TangSong is taking led lighting beyond illumination with connected led lighting innovations for home, retail environments, offices, industries, commercial and more.

TangSong pioneered the development of high quality, energy efficient led lighting. We are now taking led lighting into a fully digital world that connects people, places, luminaires and devices. We foresee a day, in the near future, when all our luminaires and system devices will be digital and network-ready.


Adhering to the philosophy of  Integrity, Speciality, Service and Quality First , we strive to create the LED lightings highest quality, Based in South China, providing global services. We wish to create LED lighting industrial leading brand. We look forward to working with you in sincere cooperation effort to create a better business future together.